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Heavens Rain



What makes B’kem’s music so compelling and convincing, is the fateful combination of skill and the will to interpret his truths in such a personal way, with songwriting that never ever leaves the listener with a sense of going astray. His efficient rapping, singing, and attention-grabbing voice will leave you in an inspirational mood. After listening to his latest single, “Take”, your head will be literally brimming with words and messages just waiting to be tied together by the power of your faith. Faith and self- belief, are two things B’kem has coexisted with, or rather, has been fueled by.

Born from Nigeria parents and living in south central Los Angeles, meant life was never easy for him. He grew up with the cruel echo of words like, “you’re not good enough,” and “you’re not meant to do music.”  Yet despite being told that he had to either be a lawyer, doctor or engineer, B’kem went to The Los Angeles Recording School and Graduated with a Sound Engineering Degree. He has never looked back since.

B’kem has performed all over, appeared in multiple media outlets, and has had his music played worldwide. Recently he captured attention with the release of the song “Black Lives Matter”, which has been raking in streams due to its powerful messages. 

 B’kem is the winner and recipient of the Best international headlining performing artist by SEEMS AFRICA, He is the first African American male to perform at the Color's Of Love platform, he was nominated for best male artist 2020 by Afrifamu, BEST INSPIRATIONAL WORSHIP LEADER 2020 by MARANATHA AWARDS USA. The same organization also Nominated his songs “Take” and “Black lives matter” for, BEST PRAISE/EXALTATION SONG 2020 -“TAKE”, BEST SUPPLICATION/PETITION SONG 2020 - “TAKE”, BEST TEACHING SONG 2020 - “BLACK LIVES MATTER”.

 B’KEM has been featured in the VoyageLa, Independent music news 24, Jamsphere, Vintage media group, Soundlooks, e.t.c. B’KEM has been called to be a speaker on panels and performer for the youth, been a featured performer at AfroCity, Afro fusion, 626 night market, African charity events (one of the most notable charity events where raising funds for elementary schools in Congo with unstable building structures),

“My name ‘B’kem’ is something I’m very proud of. It comes from my middle name Chibuikem which means God is my strength,” explains B’kem. “I find it interesting because the strength I’ve had to keep going has been very supernatural.”

What separates B’kem from the majority of his hip hop compatriots is his approach.  Unlike most rappers who take the lazy approach – dirty lyrics, violent behavior, substance abuse, and naked women, B’kem searches for the truths that can be incorporated into his sound.

This is an artist in command of both power and nuance, fearlessly transforming his messages into an uplifting soundtrack. In this world you will meet two kinds of people – Those who will pull you down and those who will pull you up. B’kem belongs to the latter group. He does awesome work and should be supported!

B'KEM - BLACK LIVES MATTER (Official Music Video)
With all that's going on, I just want to play a part that would help people through these dark times. I prayed for words to share with the people, this is what I received.
B'Kem - M.I.A (Official Music Video)
TAKE - B'KEM (Official Music Video)
Afrobeats, Gospel, Hiphop, Pop, Dancing song 2021 This song is was written and produced by the artist B'KEM.

I'm an Artist aspiring to make a difference in the world. With Nigeria Parents, living in south central Los Angeles, it wasn't easy to become the artist I am today. I'm used to hearing that I'm not good enough, that I wasn't meant to do music, but there are some things a person cannot shake from the core of themselves. I went to The Los Angeles Recording School and Graduated with a sound Engineering Degree, I became the first African American to perform at the Color's Of Love platform, I was nominated for best male artist 2020 by Afrifamu, Featured in the VoyageLa, called to be a speaker and perform for Panorama High school at there Men's Leadership Conference. All this couldn't have been possible if I listened to those who said I wasn't good enough. Now I just want to be known as one of those who were told “I wasn't good enough,” one of those who shows the young men and women that hear all the negative words spoken over them, that they can accomplish that which they are told they cannot do.  My Artist name B’kem is something I’m very proud of, It comes from my middle name Chibuikem which means God is my strength. I find it interesting because I can’t understand the strength I’ve had to keep going.

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